Success for every student

with self-paced, personalized learning


Your School’s

scores by 30%

Achiever! provides data-driven instruction for standards mastery
in math, ELA, Science, and Social Studies.
Saves time and increase student achievement.

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Or help at-risk students catch up!

Mechanics reteaches basic Math and ELA skills that should have been learned in grades 1 to 8. It is especially popular with Migrant and SPED programs.

“The excitement among our migrant students is amazing. They are doing better and they feel better about coming to school!”
– Elisabeth Dias, Migrant Education Programs Manager

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Mechanics is English-Spanish.

Adult Education

Paths to a brighter future.

Pathfinders helps teach adult students the skills they need to be successful on the job and in life. Pathfinders provides instruction based on the blueprints of the rigorous TABE® 11/12 tests. TABE® scores are used to determine eligibility for certain courses and certification programs. Employers use TABE® scores as a screening tool along with information from other sources.

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Study Buddy

for Anywhere, Anytime!

Brainchild’s Study Buddy gives personalized learning anywhere, anytime. Students receive hours of private instruction at their own pace, free of embarrassment.

Teachers need no instruction to deploy Study Buddies. Simply plug in a software cartridge, turn it on, and go! Study Buddy is popular in:

  • Parental involvement programs
  • After school programs
  • Title I, Special Ed, Migrant programs
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“Our first 50 Study Buddies were so popular, we couldn’t keep them on the shelves. We now have them in 3 schools.”
– Marva Tiegner, Federal Programs Director,
Jasper County, S.C.

High School Equivalency

for adult students

Brainchild is a leading provider of GED, HiSET, and TASC preparation programs. Thousands of Study Buddies with GED cartridges are in alternative high schools, adult centers, and correctional facilities.

“Our facility is a GED test site. We immediately noticed
an increase in students passing the GED since we purchased Study Buddies.”
– Page Holmes-Ames,
Transition Specialist

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Correctional Education

No Wi-Fi, No Problem

Hundreds of correctional and juvenile justice sites use Study Buddy, especialy where computers and Internet access are not allowed.

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