ABOUT Brainchild unlimited inc.

Brainchild Unlimited Inc. (A wholly owned subsidiary of First Tek Inc.) is a technology company that empowers digital transformation in education, through robust SaaS platforms, custom development, quality assurance, and highly specialized professional services.

Within our education division, our mission is to empower administrators, teachers and parents to equip students with the technology and tools that provide a truly personalized learning experience. Our platform, Brainchild, delivers a suite of connected cloud-based applications that brings students, families, teachers and administrators together to ensure a student’s learning process is meaningful, flexible and complete.

Brainchild is a central, secure platform that combines and transforms data from multiple databases into highly usable information that supports effective academic assessment and intervention, real-time reporting and decision support.  The platform integrates seamlessly with a District’s existing administrative and academic systems, creating a vibrant, evidence-rich environment that supports decision making at all levels and enhances operational productivity, communication and transparency among all stakeholders to foster academic excellence.

In addition to our state-of-the-art platform, we also provide groundbreaking learning programs in STEM, Language Arts, Early Math and Science.

At Brainchild, our team of software engineers, curriculum and assessment specialists, and experienced project managers embody a wide range of skills and expertise. We are a trusted technology partner, delivering technology solutions to meet complex requirements through best practices in processes and methodologies.

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