Brainchild Academy Package

$2995 (Save $1495)

  • 5 Study Buddy electronic tutors with 10 software cartridges.

  • Study Budy grade book software for progress reports.

  • Achiever! web subscriptions for station #1

Study Buddy Starter Package

$1499 (Save $995)

  • 5 Study Buddy electronic tutors with 10 software cartridges.

  • Study Buddy grade book software for progress reports


Organize and motivate students with personalized instruction.
Over a decade of higher student achievement!

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AcademyStack-e1411138890289Popular in After School Programs!

Assessment Station
20 – 30 minutes
Web-based assessment
and instruction on basic
skills and state
Mobile Learning Station
20 – 30 minutes
Students use Study Buddies
individually or in pairs for
cooperative learning.
Small Group Instruction
Discuss what students are
learning, provide support and
build relationships.
Data Station
Run various progress reports
on web assessments and Study
Buddy usage.