Juvenile Justice Youth Services Programs

“I have students who will work on Study Buddy when they won’t do any other work all week.
In a facility like ours, discipline problems are frequent. When I have a Study Buddy day, students
are on task. There are few or no behavior problems. Many students’ overall grades improve.”

– Anne Barto, STEM and Career Teacher, Brevard Group Treatment Home

Brainchild provides academic and social-emotional improvement at
juvenile justice settings. The Study Buddy electronic tutor helps
struggling learners “Study Better, Score Higher” through personalized, self-paced instruction.

At-risk youth programs report that Study Buddy devices:

  • Engage students more than any other educational program
  • Improve academic comprehension
  • Promote calm and participative behavior

Math Science Reading Writing

Achiever! is a grade-specific standards mastery
program, built from your state standards for
grades 1 to 8 and Algebra I.



Mechanics is a basic skills series for reteaching basic
skills that should have been mastered in grades 1
through 8. Lessons are in English and Spanish.
Mechanics is perfect for Pre-GED instruction.


GED test preparation cartridges help students pass the GED, especially for the Math test, based on Common Core standards.

20 Years of Evidence-Based Data Research compares control groups with Brainchild groups. Control groups use traditional teaching methods. Brainchild groups add Study Buddy to the strategy.