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Do you need iPad apps to demo?

Loading Brainchild Apps on the iPad  – Sales Reps

The following directions are generic for Core Concepts and Mechanics.

Select the App store icon on your iPad screen.

Type in “Brainchild Corporation” in the search box.

Select the “INSTALL” button next to the appropriate program that you have received a code for.

Wait for the app to download.  You will need good internet access.

Icon will become brighter when the download is complete.

Open up the app.  It will take a few moments to change from gray to color.  Once it is in color, you are ready to get started!  NOTE:  this page will be specific to the program that you have downloaded.

When screen turns color, select “UPDATE MANAGER” button.

Select “YES” for the Personal Information Submission.

Press on “START UPDATE” button.

Enter your  “ipaddemo1” into Enter Customer ID field.

iPad will begin to check for Updates.

Update is Complete. Select “EXIT” and go back to main screen.

From the main screen select the app icon downloaded.

Select Quick Start. Then select the grade.

Select the subject and proceed through a lesson.


If you need further assistance, please contact Beth at 1.800.811.2724.