Reteaching basic skills in English and Spanish

For students who are 2 or
more grade levels behind!

Mechanics helps at-risk students catch up to their peers. It is a bilingual, basic skills program for re-teaching essential foundation skills that should have been mastered in grades 1 through 8 in math, reading, writing, and vocabulary.

Math Scope & Sequence
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ELA Scope & Sequence
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Mechanics aligns to TABE and ABLE

Mechanics is especially effective for English Language Learners and Migrant programs.
Question items and teaching animations can switch immediately from English to Spanish to provide native language support.

Lessons are grouped in 3 Levels instead of grades to keep students motivated. Struggling learners start low, gain confidence and work their way up. See the scope and sequences to view the huge amount of lessons in this series.

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Mechanics has text to speech. Students can have questions read to themselves in English or Spanish.

Mechanics is used for:
• Special Education
• Migrant & ELL Programs
• Pre-GED
• RTI Programs

“Our documented evidence for RTI serving Tier 1 to Tier 3 shows this was a very successful tool to pull us out of school improvement and keep us out of school improvement”
-Dr. Randy Pettus,
Federal Programs Director

Mechanics schoolwide pricing is $1995 per year each for math and ELA.