Success for Migrant Students

Brainchild has worked for 15 years with the most successful districts participating in programs such as Project SMART. They provide innovative, needs-based migrant programs to involve parents and promote learning in school and home.

“We have a long history of using Brainchild with migrant students. Our summer school results show a 20% improvement on 17 state standards.”
-Mary Vaughn, Migrant Technologist

“The data shows that our migrant students are outperforming other migrant students in our region and the state. These are perfect tools to help students catch up with content that was missed in the regular classrooms”
-Abel Munoz, Migrant Education Director

Benefits for Students and Parents

• Self-paced learning builds confidence.

• Parents can see what students are learning in English or Spanish. They can learn, too!

• Take home programs with Study Buddy units

• Continuous progress monitoring shows each student’s strengths and weaknesses.

• Use on computers or Study Buddies

• Use in the classroom or resource room.


Math, Reading, Vocabulary, Writing.

Migrant students master essential, basic skills they may have missed. They start with simple concepts and work their way up.


Text to Speech

The online version of Mechanics will read to students. Hear how words are pronounced.

Mechanics Online Instruction

• Personal learning plans track progress.
• Text to speech reads to students.
• English – Spanish toggling on questions.
• Start at low levels and work to higher levels.
• Student-directed and self-paced.
• Real time reports track progress

Study Buddy Benefits for Migrant Students

• Affordable at $199. (software carts sold separately)
• No Internet required!
• Rugged construction and long battery life.
• Simple! No instruction required.
• Questions with feedback so parents can participate.
• Prevents embarrassment and builds self-esteem.
• Used to help get parents and families involved.


“They know how to use it as soon as they turn it on!  Students put in the cartridge they need help on. No training is needed for students or teachers. That’s a big plus right there.”
-Richard Torres, 21st CCLC Director

Variety Stimulates Achievement!


Struggling learners are easily distracted. Rotate students through stations that provide self-paced, individualized instruction.

1. Instruction and progress monitoring on computers.

2. Study Buddies or iPads for self-paced instruction and cooperative learning.

3. Small-group instruction.

Migrant Student Challenges

Migrant students face more challenges than any other student group. Brainchild helps you provide independent, self-paced instruction geared to the needs of each individual child.

Help students cope with:

• Missed time and lack of continuity while adjusting to different academic standards and school environments.

• Being overage in many cases, yet not being able to perform at grade level due to interrupted schooling.

• Falling behind more and more, and wanting to leave school.

• Being far away from the school after hours.

Switch between English and Spanish

BigEnglish BigEspanol


Centro Campesino's After School Program 6 years of Migrant Support

Centro Campesino’s After School Program
6 years of Migrant Support


SB-1Cart-Math-Mech-ES SB-1Cart-Math-Mech

Study Buddy cartridges are for learning only…
no distractions!



Learning at their own pace prevents embarrasement.


3 Steps Transform Learning

Brainchild’s software is a patented, research-based process of Play Lesson – Study – Test. Struggling students build confidence. They transform from discouraged learners into excited learners.

Demonstrate the concept.
Play Lesson plays a one-minute multimedia lesson for teaching and learning the concept.

Teach the concept.
The Study mode offers 10 questions as guided practice with step-by-step feedback. Students learn at their own pace.

Test the concept.
A ten-question test on each lesson with a Review Mistakes feature lets students measure progress and correct their mistakes immediately at the end of test.