2014 GED®

Math and Reasoning Through Language Arts

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Built from the 2014 GED® Targets and Indicators

The GED® Mathematical Reasoning Test will focus on two major content areas: quantitative problem solving (45%) and algebraic problem solving (55%).

The RLA test will include reading comprehension and applying knowledge of English language conventions.

Question items on the new GED® will have both academic and workforce context, aligned to Webb’s Depth of Knowledge.

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Brainchild 2014 GED® Math Lessons

Learn and master 60 GED® targets and indicators.

Algebraic Problem Solving

Expressions & Polynomials
A1a. Simplify Expressions
A1b. Evaluate Linear Expressions
A1d. Add-Subtract Polynomials
A1e. Evaluate Polynomial Expressions
A1f. Factor Polynomials
Equations & Inequalities
A2a. Solve Equations
A2c. Write Equations
A2d. Simultaneous Equations
A3a. Graph Inequalities
A4a. Quadratic Equations
Graphs and Functions
A5a. Coordinate Plane
A5b. Slopes of Lines
A5c. Slopes as Rates
A7b. Functions and Relations
A7d. Compare Functions
Lines and Equations
A6a. Point-Slope Equations
A6b. Equations of Lines
A6c. Parallel-Perpendicular Slopes

Quantitative Problem Solving

Number Sense Concepts
Q1a. Order Fractions & Decimals
Q1b. Multiples & Factors
Q1c. Laws of Exponents
Q1d. Absolute Value
Q2a. Add-Subtract Decimals
Q2a. Multiply-Divide Decimals
Q2a. Add-Subtract Fractions
Q2a. Multiply-Divide Fractions
Q2a. Add-Subtract Signed Numbers
Q2a. Multiply-Divide Signed Numbers
Q2b. Squares & Square Roots
Q2c. Cubes & Cube Roots
Ratios, Rates & Percents
Q3a. Unit Rates
Q3b. Scale Factors
Q3c. Ratios & Proportions
Q3d. Compute Percents
Dimensions of 2D Figures
Q4a. Triangles & Rectangles
Q4b. Circle Measurements
Q4c. Polygon Measurements
Q4d. Composite Figures
Q4e. Pythagorean Theorem
Dimensions of 3D Figures
Q5a. Volume-Surface Area
Q5b. Surface Area
Data Displays
Q6a. Bar & Circle Graphs
Q6b. Box Plots
Q6c. Scatter Plots
Central Tendency
Q7a. Mean, Median, Mode
Q7a. Weighted Average
Counting & Probability
Q8a. Combinations
Q8b. Simple-Compound Probability

Brainchild 2014 GED® Language Arts Lessons

Reasoning Through Language Arts



These lessons address all the key concepts of the GED® RLA test.

Main Idea-Theme
Plot Elements
Cause and Effect
Author’s Purpose/Point of View
Figurative Language
Words in Context

Language Conventions
Subject Verb Agreement
Misplaced Modifiers
Fragments & Run-Ons
Possessive Nouns