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How to create a proposal

Proposal System- The Swiss Army Knife (SAK) is where we create proposals.
This is the Log-in screen: It’s simple. Type your user name and password…


Here is a screen shot of the proposal system. You will only see your proposals listed.


To make a new proposal click on the “new proposal” button and your new proposal will appear allowing you to put in all the pertinent information.


Here is a screen shot of the proposal screen before entering anything. At the end of filing in the proposal, hit the save button (top right).


Fill in the boxes at the top with the school or district name, contact, title, address, phone, fax, & email. Then select the product (s) we are placing on the proposal. If you don’t fill in all the information at the left, the proposal will not be accepted. Note: If needed, place a period (.) in a blank field to get it to accept. This is what a filled in proposal will look like.
At the end of filing in the proposal, hit the save button (top right). Once you hit save, the proposal will be given a number. You can then select PDF and the information provided will create a professional looking proposal.


Here is an example of what the proposal will look like.



Creating Multiple Proposals

To create multiple proposals, go back to the proposal in the SAK and Select ‘SAVE NEW’.  This will generate a duplicate of the current proposal and create a new proposal number.  You will have all their contact information.  Change the items for the second proposal and then click ‘Update’ to save your changes.


There’s no way to delete a proposal if you make a mistake.  Just type in the ‘Internal Notes’ section ‘error’.  Don’t worry, we’ve all made dozens of errors.

Removing a line item

If you need to completely eliminate a line item, right click with your mouse on that line until it’s highlighted in blue.  Hit ‘delete’ on your keyboard.  It will prompt you if you are certain you want to delete the item…select yes.


If you need help, call us!  We’re happy to help.