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How to do an Online Demo

You’ve got your prospect on the phone and they want to see how the program works.

    1. Go to www.Brainchild.com
    2. Click on ‘Software’ on the red toolbar and click on either the Core Concepts or Mechanics icon.
    1. Click on the ‘Try the demo’ icon 
    2. This is what the student will see when they log on. (Note: 4th grade level)
    1. Click on a subject – this is the Student Learning Plan – explain red, yellow, green checkmark system
    1. Select ‘Test’ .    This is a pretest icon and can only be selected once.  No other options can be selected until the pretest has been taken.   10 question test.  Once it has been taken it will be grayed out and can’t be selected again.  This data will be saved under the pretest data.
    2. Select Play Lesson icon and have them listen to the brief lesson. 
    3. Select ‘Study’.    Explain that this is a 10 question practice test that will give immediate feedback when the answer selected is incorrect.  The feedback is specific to the incorrect answer and will give additional information for the student to reselect their answer.  The student is allowed to answer a second time.   These scores are for practice only and the data isn’t saved in reports.
    4. Select ‘Post Test’     Explain that this is a 10 question practice test that will demonstrate progress between the pretest and post test.  This test may be taken more than once.  The latest test will be reflected on the reports and student learning plan.
    5. After you’ve finished showing the software, close this page. You will be back to the main Software page. Scroll to the bottom to show sample reports.