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Alabama Standards Mastery & RTI Programs


Alabama COS Assessment and Instruction

for grades 1 to 8 Language Arts, Math, Science and Algebra I EOC

Standards Mastery for ACT Aspire Tests

Achiever! is a formative assessment program built from the 2015 Alabama Revised Course of Study standards to prepare for the ACT Aspire tests. Individual student learning plans with green checkmarks that indicate mastery of each Alabama standard are automatically created. Students and parents see what the child is expected to learn and their  progress to mastery.

Simple Implementation

The program can be completely self-directed as a personalized learning experience, or teachers can make standards-based assignments. Brainchild’s 20 years of helping at-risk students and their schools have contributed to making Core Concepts simple to implement, supporting capacity and fidelity.

Perfect for Blended and Expanded Learning 

When combined with Study Buddies or tablets, this is a proven blended learning program for higher student achievement. Students can work on the web, tablets, or the Study Buddy devices. A PRINT TEST feature lets teachers print student worksheets for homework or small group instruction.

3-Step Proven Pedagogy

All Brainchild software works the same way on the web, Study Buddies, and tablets. For each lesson, a student works through 3 steps.

  1. PLAY LESSON is a one-minute presentation to teach the concept.
  2. STUDY provides guided practice with immediate feedback.
  3. TEST gives a 10-question quiz to track progress in reports.

A REVIEW MISTAKES A REVIEW MISTAKES feature with feedback lets students fix their mistakes immediately at the end of the test, while the problems are fresh in their minds.

Continuous Progress Monitoring

Real-time, standards-based reports provide continuous progress monitoring at student, class, school, and district levels.

Click to see sample reports.