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Ideal for Secure Environments

Juvenile Justice, Youth Services & Corrections

Educational resources for rehabilitation programs

Personalized Instruction at Any Level

Promote calm, participatory behavior

Prepare students to pass high-school equivalency tests

Provide self-contained learning opportunities using the wifi-free Study Buddy


“I have students who will work on Study Buddy when they won’t do any other work all week. In a facility like ours, discipline problems are frequent. When I have a Study Buddy day, students are on task. There are few or no behavior problems. Many students’ overall grades improve.”

STEM and Career Teacher, Group Treatment Home

3-Steps Transform Learning

Brainchild employs a patented, evidence-based pedagogy to help discouraged learners succeed

A one-minute multimedia lesson demonstrates the concept

Ten randomized questions provide guided practice with step-by-step feedback

Measure progress and provide correctional instruction for mistakes


Success Stories

Positive impacts for students, parents, teachers, and administrators

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