Close Learning Gaps
with Mechanics!

Basic Skill Interventions for At-Risk Students

Math • Reading • Writing • Vocabulary

For students who are 2 or more grade levels behind.

Mechanics teaches foundation skills found all the way from grade 1 to grade 8.
Struggling learners start low, gain confidence, and work their way up. Subjects include
math, reading, writing, and vocabulary, in English and Spanish.

Screens toggle between English and Spanish

Use for

  • Special Education
  • Migrant/ELL programs
  • After School Programs

Text To Speech

Reads to Students in English and Spanish

“Our evidence for RTI serving Tiers 2 and 3 shows that Mechanics was a successful tool to pull us out of school improvement and keep us out of school improvement”

-Dr. Randy Pettus, Federal Programs Director

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