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MCT2 Online Assessment and Instruction

Master the Mississippi Curriculum Frameworks measured
by MCT2 Tests


Find your students’ gaps and give them all the instruction they need!

ComputerAchieverMCT2 Achiever! is a formative assessment and instructional MCT2 online program to assess and adjust instruction on Mississippi Curriculum Frameworks , as measured by the MCT2 tests.

Mississippi schools using MCT2 Achiever! make AYP because of dramatic improvements on the MCT2 Tests. It’s easy! MCT2 Achiever! makes automatic individual student learning plans and provides differentiated instruction on each of the Mississippi Curriculum Frameworks.

How It Works

  1. A PRETEST is given on each MCT2 performance standard. A REVIEW MISTAKES feature takes the students back through the items they answered incorrectly, and shows them solutions while the problems are fresh in the students’ minds.
  2. When scores are low, MULTIMEDIA INSTRUCTION teaches the concept
  3. A STUDY MODE offers questions with immediate, detailed feedback. Students solve each question before they move on.
  4. A POST TEST is taken on the state standard when the student feels he or she is ready. Scores are stored in a variety of management reports, including NCLB disaggregated data.

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