North Carolina Standards Mastery & RTI Programs


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North Carolina Standard Course Of Study

SCOS Achiever! provides real-time information on students’ mastery of standards for the EOG tests. It provides the instructional tools teachers need to address specific gaps and challenges. Personalized learning paths are created automatically. Students watch a teaching segment on each standard, receive guided practice with feedback, and take a 10-question test on that standard to track progress.


RTI for At-Risk Students

Mechanics is a basic skills program in English and Spanish for students who perform far below grade level. They build confidence and become active learners as they start low, experience success, and work their way up.

Mobile Learning

Study Buddy is the perfect device for parental involvement and after school programs. It´s mobile learning without complication, as no wi-fi, and no operating system updates are ever needed.

A low-cost, dependable alternative to tablets, Study Buddy is popular in Title I, SES, and Migrant programs.


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