It’s simple to use, and it works! Achiever! provides data-driven instruction for standards mastery in math, ELA, science, and social studies. It increases student achievement and saves teachers time.

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Personalized learning plans create a custom a road map for every student. 

Each lesson addresses a state standard. Brainchild’s self-paced learning process transforms students as they build confidence and self-esteem.

Achiever! gives educators:

  • Real-time progress monitoring
  • Built-in remediation
  • Guided practice built from your state standards

Achiever! provides real-time reports allowing you to track progress.

  • Student Report: Share reports with parents to show progress and time on task for each standard.
  • Classroom Report: Adjust class or individual instruction.
  • School-wide Reports: Access a variety of reports showing points of strengths and areas that need attention.

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Brainchild is purpose-built to provide self-paced, personalized learning for the success of every student.
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After documenting higher student achievement in just 6 weeks over the summer, we implemented Achiever in 10 schools year-round.

Mandy Watkins, V.P. ACE Program


Getting started is easily — just point and click.

Achiever! can be student-directed, or teachers can make standards-based assignments. Once users have a user name and password, they’re ready to go. If you have questions or need help with enrollment, our staff is happy to help.


Achiever! is affordable at $149 per classroom, per subject. School-wide discounts are available. Get started today!

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