High School Equivalency

Brainchild is a leading provider of GED, HiSET, and TASC preparation programs. Thousands of Study Buddys with GED cartridges are in alternative high schools, adult centers, and correctional facilities.

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Pass math, pass the test.

Most students fail one of these tests because they perform poorly on the math portion. Brainchild’s test prep lets students divide and conquer. By using our GED, HiSET, or TASC programs, students can review and correct their weak areas quickly, on their own.


Use it or lose it!

Research indicates that people fail to perform well on skills they haven't used for 90 days. Brainchild's programs keep students engaged, provide personalized instruction, and give opportunities to correct mistakes — all at the student's desired pace.


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Brainchild is purpose-built to provide self-paced, personalized learning for the success of every student.
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Our facility is a GED test site. We immediately noticed an increase in students passing the GED.

Page Holmes-Ames, Transition Specialist


Brainchild boasts over 25 years of success.

Brainchild has over two decades of finding what works for adult learners and struggling students. Research and case studies indicate that by adding Brainchild to conventional instruction, achievement increases substantially.


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