Pathfinders help to teach adult students the skills they need to be successful on the job and in life. Pathfinders provide instruction based on the blueprints of the rigorous TABE® 11/12 tests. Often TABE® scores are used to determine eligibility for courses and certification programs, and many employers use them as a screening tool.

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Use Pathfinders on the web.

Brainchild’s web subscriptions offer real-time student and classroom reports, hours of usage, the ability to print student worksheets, and more. Subscribe to one subject then order additional subjects at half price.

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Use Pathfinders on Study Buddy.

Study Buddys offer the benefits of interactive computer instruction anytime, anywhere, with no need for the Internet.

Study Buddy helps students learn at their own pace with:

  • Multimedia instruction
  • Practice with guided feedback
  • Test mode with review mistakes
  • Progress report to show scores

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Brainchild is purpose-built to provide self-paced, personalized learning for the success of every student.
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Personalized learning anywhere at any time.


Proven Preparation Programs

Brainchild has developed award-winning, evidence-based preparation programs since 1995 for tests such as CTBS, ITBS, ASVAB, and SAT. From 2005 onwards, the company has specialized in standards-based online assessment and instruction built to state standards.


Purposeful, Self-directed Learning

Adults want to learn when it’s for a purpose they understand. Extensive research shows that adults prefer to be self-directed instead of relying on others for help. They must believe that the knowledge they gain will help them further their goals. Brainchild’s programs are self-directed and self-paced.


Alignment with CCR &
OCTAE Standards

Pathfinders is aligned with College & Career Readiness  (CCR) Standards for Adult Education in three core subject areas: reading, math, and language. Pathfinders also provides measurable skill gains as required by the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).


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