Brainchild is purpose-built to help every student master basic skills and achieve state standards. Empower students to enhance productivity and engagement in the classroom with assessment, instruction, feedback, and reporting using any desktop, laptop, tablet,  mobile device, or our portable Study Buddy.

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Powerful online & handheld learning options for student success


Correctional Education

Thousands of Study Buddys are being used for ABE and GED/HiSET/TASC preparation in hundreds of correctional institutions and juvenile justice sites. Educators report that Study Buddys engage students and help them learn better than any other program resulting in higher scores and improved attitudes.

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Federal Programs

Brainchild helps schools meet federal program goals by providing individualized instruction and continuous progress monitoring. This is accomplished by teaching basic skills, meeting state-specific academic standards, enhancing the school-to-home connection, and promoting parental involvement.

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ELL & Migrant

Brainchild offers bilingual education that empowers students with engaging and self-paced lessons. This education allows personalized learning for the mastery of fundamental skills through basic building blocks and remediation.

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Special Education

Brainchild provides exceptional learning opportunities for students by leveraging assistive technology with step-by-step lessons and immediate feedback. Students can learn independently at their own pace with the choice of content delivery options.

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Brainchild is purpose-built to provide self-paced, personalized learning for the success of every student. 
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Our documented evidence for RTI serving Tier 1 to Tier 3 shows this was a very successful tool to pull us out of School Improvement and keep us out of School Improvement

Dr. Randy Pettus, Federal Programs Director

Every student who used Study Buddy passes our state test! They are the most popular tool in our resource center. We use them for take-home programs.

Carolyn Grooms, Parent Liaison

Our facility is a GED test site. We immediately noticed an increase in students passing the GED.

Page Holmes-Ames, Transition Specialist

Study Buddy serves in the most challenging situations, particularly for offenders in restrictive housing. They contribute to reducing recidivism and promoting attitudes of achievement. They save time and money where tutors would traditionally be required.

Mandy Hustedde, Supervisor of Education, FCI Greenville

After documenting higher student achievement in just 6 weeks over the summer, we implemented Achiever in 10 schools year round.

Mandy Watkins, V.P. ACE Program


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