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Screeners are periodic summative assessments for measuring students’ progress and growth in Language Arts and Math during the school year. They give teachers immediate, actionable data for interventions.

The screeners are designed to be completed in 30 minutes or less, allowing administration within a typical class period. Districts have found the screeners to be simple to administer.

Curriculum directors send an email to teachers with instructions to pass along to their students. A date range is specified to Brainchild by the district, usually a 3-day window, for administration.

The Brainchild literacy screeners provide a snapshot of students’ mastery of Common Core literacy domains. Five items are tested for each scoring category. Item types are evidence-based selected response and technology-enhanced. Item constructs use evidence-centered

design to provide educators with immediate data in the form of an overall composite score and scores in the four Common Core Literacy reporting categories. A separate “number correct” score indicates whether the student can handle technology-enhanced items, such as drag and drop.

ScreenerLiteracyReportMath screener item types are evidence-based selected response and technology-enhanced.
Five question items are given for each of the 5 Common Core Math reporting categories.
The graphic below shows an overall composite score and a score for each category.




ScreenerMathReportThe screeners reflect an even distribution of high, moderate, and low Depth of Knowledge (DOK) tasks. They are constructed to avoid bias; all contexts/scenarios are inclusive across gender, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and religion.

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