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A Complete STEM Curriculum

The STEM curriculum is a next generation, easy-to-learn programming language that promotes College and Career-Readiness, as well as provides a seamless continuum of instruction that supports STEM throughout the student’s entire academic journey.

Classroom projects vary by complexity and let students of all ages bring it to life on their computers, using scripts and programs that cover a range of ability levels.

With an inventory of over 180 hours of instruction, the STEM curriculum has over 60 science-themed projects aligned to the Framework for 3-12 Science Education. Projects take advantage of the ease and sophistication of the programming language – perfect for students in grades 3-5. It is also effective for introducing coding to students in middle or high school, especially for students who have little or no coding experience.

Students from Grades 3-12 can enjoy the benefits of:

  • Interactive and engaged learning
  • Real-world programming and robotics
  • Personalized and flexible curriculum

See Robots in Action

Learning is a journey. A journey where students and teachers alike need a companion. Jett, the world’s first intelligent expressive robot is here to help!

With Jett’s assistance, the program teaches the creative, cooperative, interdisciplinary and problem-solving nature of computing with instructional materials that are inquiry- and project-based.

College and Career Readiness in STEM Fields

The program subscribes to the driving concepts of college and career readiness, and aligns with Science and Math Standards at the state and national level. Students move through increasingly more complex solutions, moving with the same robot from introductory coding to enterprise-level programming languages.

Every exercise weaves creativity and content knowledge together with subjects aligned to the National Science Education Standards (NSES), Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA), National Education Technology Standards (NETS) and State College and Career Readiness Standards.

Working with Jett, the student becomes empowered with a new level of enthusiasm for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Optimized to add social and emotional context to student coding projects, the STEM program opens children to the unique opportunity of programming the only humanoid robot created specifically for teaching.

The Impact of a Companion in Learning

Jett is the world’s first intelligent expressive robot that was created to help both teachers and students learn coding and next generation visual programming. With his endless patience, Jett and his avatar guide every student through a fun and exciting learning path.

With Jett and the STEM curriculum, schools don’t need to wait until they have teachers with computer science backgrounds to get started. Students learn coding and the principles of computer science with help and participation from Jett, the coolest teacher’s assistant on the planet.

Designed with both teachers and students in mind, every lesson and every project weaves creativity and content knowledge together. Each lesson is carefully aligned to state college and career readiness standards, and to guidelines from the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) and the International Society of Technology in Education (ISTE).

“I learned a lot but also had fun with it. My favorite part was making Jett the robot talk and move. I also liked that you could make him say what you want. If this class had an extended amount of days, I would definitely go. Another thing I like is that we got to work in groups. It’s a good way to make friends.”

Ambria, 12

My experience was a crazy, fun adventure. I met amazing people that are nice and really fun. It was hard at first, but with practice it was a breezy wind. It did have some hard times but I fought through them. This is a program I loved and enjoyed a lot. I met people that were really smart and cool. I will never forget it.

Ethan, 11

“The first day I came I thought it would be boring. They kept on talking and I would get stressed. When we got on the website, I got very excited and got to work. After the first week, I didn’t want to leave the room. I wanted to work.”

Cecilia, 10

I got to program, which I didn’t know how to do. We got to use our programming skills that we learned to make Jett do our presentation for us. We did projects and it was really fun and we got to work with a partner. It was easy with a partner. Now I’m even thinking about getting a job as a programmer because it was so fun here.

Kevin, 12

All About Jett

Most robots move and perform functions. However Jett goes above and beyond; created with technology that produces amazing facial expressions, making him one of the most lifelike robots in the world.  With a full range of facial muscles, the robot allows students to program a broad display of expressions and actions, such as smiling, frowning, blinking, angry, surprised, and sadness.

These unique features let students bring robots to life as they master computer science concepts and program the robot’s physical movement and emotional responses, from the very basic to the most complex of behaviors.

Every student is provided with a personal avatar—an emulator that is modeled after the real robot. Programs that the students write using their personal avatar also operate on the classroom’s real, working robot. They interact with a working robot and learns how to direct, control, and program an intelligent machine. This flips students’ roles and engages them as guardians, instructors, and programmers of a dynamic, electronic robot that can be personalized.

  Reading is enlightening, but seeing is believing!

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