Personalized Learning

Study Buddy gives students extra help!

Students build confidence and self esteem as they experience success with self-paced instruction.
Schools use Study Buddies for RTI programs, after school, parental involvement, and migrant programs.
Over 20 years of research proves that Study Buddies raise student achievement.

Self-Paced Instruction    Parental  Involvement     Cooperative  Learning      Peer  Tutoring      Mentor Programs

Play Vídeo

Self-Paced Study Process

• PLAY LESSON: A one-minute lesson teaches the concept.

• STUDY: Answer questions and receive immediate feedback.

• TEST: A 10-question quiz measures progress.

Teachers always know how to use Study Buddies. Simply plug in a software cartridge, turn it on, and go!

“Our first 50 Study Buddies were so popular, we could not keep them on the shelves. We’ve placed 370 more in the classrooms of 3 schools.”

Marva Tiegner

Title I Director, Jasper County