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    For 20 years schools have used Study Buddies for before and after school programs, parental involvement, ELL, migrant, and RTI programs. They last for 10 years and at $199, they are highly affordable.

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Key Features for Teachers and Administrators

Teachers always know how to use Study Buddies. Simply plug in a software cartridge, turn it on, and go!


Software via cartridges – no Wifi needed.


Durable construction lasts up to ten years


5″ LED touch screen


No street value in comparison to tablets so safe investment for after school and take home programs

” The students have renewed their joy of learning. We feel the Study Buddies have helped us tremendously. The ease of using the Study Buddies made a difference in our classrooms.”

Jerri JonesSPED Director

“Our first 50 Study Buddies were so popular, we could not keep them on the shelves. We’ve placed 370 more in the classrooms of 3 schools.”

Marva TiegnerTitle I Director, Jasper County

“I currently have two students that can’t put them down.  Both students are ESE and struggle with grade equivalent work, but love using the Study Buddies.  In as such, they participate in class and then use the tools and sit individually and work on their own.  Moreover, I have three students practicing for the GED test that also use them regularly with the prep cartridges.  In essence, They are being used as supplemental tools in the classroom.”

Jesus ConzalezTeacher, Miami-Dade Juvenile Residential Facility

We have to be very creative with our students to ensure success; Brainchild’s Study Buddy has changes our outlook in Special Education. It engages students. They feel they are succeeding and they feel better.

Sylvia SepulvedaSPED Director

“Study Buddies are always rated my top resource from our resource center. Parents are engaged with their children. As a result, every single student that has used Study Buddy passed the CRCT. One parent told me the Study Buddy helped her child with a learning disability pass the CRCT for the first time!”

Garolyn GroomsParent Liaison

“Our teachers and students compete to use Study Buddies!  Teachers use them for remediation and enrichment, but have also used them to minimize student behavior issues. Teachers can use them right away, with minimal instruction. This is critical, because teachers are already overextended.  All students have to do is turn on the device and they are instantly engaged in meaningful learning.”

Angie BowenInstructional Technology Specialist

“Study Buddy easily engaged our students. It addresses gaps in their learning. Other tools we use don’t work nearly as well.”

Genie JhingoorSpecial Ed Coordinator

 “Teachers loved it!  Our documented evidence for RTI shows this was a great success tool to pull 3 of our schools out of school improvement and keep us out of school improvement.”

Dr.Randy PettusFederal Programs Director

“Brainchild has allowed me to provide a form of technology that can be done independently to support the district curriculum. It is used with my third graders who have an educational diagnosis of Other Health Impaired with a medical diagnosis of ADHD. It can be self monitored and the students can see their progress after charting their scores.”

Sally EdlerSpecial Services Teacher

Perfect Fit for a Variety of Programs

Study Buddy transforms attitudes of struggling students.


Special Education

Migrant / ESL

3 Steps Transform Learning

Brainchild’s software is a patented, research-based process of Play Lesson – Study – Test.

Struggling students build confidence. They transform from discouraged learners into excited learners.


Demonstrate the concept.
A one-minute multimedia lesson teaches the concept.


Teach the concept.
10 questions as guided practice with step-by-step feedback. Students learn at their own pace.


Test the concept.
A ten-question test on each lesson with a Review Mistakes feature lets students measure progress and correct their mistakes immediately at the end of test.


Explore how districts and schools across the nation have used Brainchild Study Buddy to reach their goals.

   We ship next day!

   We ship next day!

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