Study Buddy gives students extra help.

For 20 years schools have used Study Buddies for before and after school programs, parental involvement, ELL, migrant, and RTI programs. They last for 10 years and at $199, they are highly affordable.



Teacher Tested for 10 Years

Teachers always know how to use Study Buddies.
Simply plug in a software cartridge, turn it on, and go! 
Study Buddy transforms attitudes of struggling students.

Self-Paced Student Learning with Study Buddy

Cooperative Learning

Self-Paced Study

Here’s how!

A one-minute lesson teaches the concept.

Answer questions and receive immediate feedback.

A 10-question quiz measures progress.


Software on Cartridges

Mechanics Basic Skills

English and Spanish
Math, Reading, Writing, and Vocabulary used for interventions and ESL

Core Concepts for
Common Core

Built from Common Core standards.
Math and Language Arts.
Grades 1 to 8.


Built from your state standards.
Math, Language Arts, Science
Grades 1 to 8 and Algebra I EOC.



“Our first 50 Study Buddies were so popular, we could not keep them on the shelves. We’ve placed 370 more in the classrooms of 3 schools.”

Marva Tiegner,
Title I Director, Jasper County


“Our evidence for RTI serving Tiers 2 and 3 shows that Mechanics was a successful tool to pull us out of school improvement and keep us out of school improvement.”

Dr. Randy Pettus
Federal Programs Director

Math Reading Writing Vocabulary

Available in English and Spanish

For students who are 2 or more grade levels behind. Mechanics teaches the foundation skills that students must master from grade 1 to grade 8. Struggling learners start low, gain confidence, and work their way up.

Mechanics is used for:

  • Response to Intervention
  • After School
  • Special Education
  • Migrant and ESL
  • Summer School Programs
  • High School Remediation/Reteaching


Math Scope and Sequence

Language Arts Scope and Sequence

Level 1 Math (Grade 1-3 basic skills)
Begins with the basic whole number and fraction operations and continues with measurement and geometry concepts commonly taught in grade 1.

Level 1 Language Arts (Grade 1-3)
Short reading passages teach reading comprehension concepts. What are main ideas? What are inferences? Writing lessons teach simple grammar and parts of speech. Vocabulary starts with Dolch sight words.

Level 2 Math (Grade 3-5 basic skills)
Begins with decimal, percent, and fraction concepts and operations and continues with the foundations of measurement and geometry.

Level 2 Language Arts (Grade 3-5)
Reading comprehension with slightly longer passages using grade 3 to 4 reading levels.
Writing concepts include capitalization concepts and different noun forms. Vocabulary offers homonyms, compound words, and more.

Level 3 Math (Grade 6-8 basic skills)
ath 3 teaches number sense concepts such as integers, exponents, and order of operations.

Level 3 Language Arts (Grade 6-8)
Remedial level reading comprehension, more advanced grammar and usage, and vocabulary concepts, such as analogies.

Built from Common Core Standards

Common Core Personalized Learning
Students spend more time on concepts they need extra help on. They don’t waste time where they are strong.

Lessons are numbered by CCSS standard.

Written by Common Core professionals
Core Concepts is all-new math and language arts content, written by experts who have participated in writing Common Core books and test questions for the major testing contractors.

Common Core Progressions
Common Core is all about progressions. What students can learn in any particular grade level depends upon what they have learned in previous grades.  Grade-specific cartridges let students go to a lower grade level and work their way up.

Math and Language Arts Cartridges

Grade 1 Math Grade 1 Language Arts
Grade 2 Math Grade 2 Language Arts
Grade 3 Math Grade 3 Language Arts
Grade 4 Math Grade 4 Language Arts
Grade 5 Math Grade 5 Language Arts
Grade 6 Math Grade 6 Language Arts
Grade 7 Math Grade 7 Language Arts
Grade 8 Math Grade 8 Language Arts

Use Anywhere, Anytime
Core concepts is available on the Web, iPad, Android, and Study Buddy