Fort Stockton Middle School AYP

The Goal

The school had missed AYP the previous year and he needed to make meaningful changes with instruction to find a solution for improving student achievement.

The Solution

Principle Madrid used Brainchild’s Achiever! and Mechanics software to help provide data-driven instruction. Teachers and administrators used the comprehensive reports to target student weaknesses.


The school met AYP in the following year (2011/2012) and had significant improvements across the board, with LEP students improving their scores by over 20%.

“Last year Fort Stockton Middle School did not make AYP. This year we made AYP, using Brainchild software to deliver over 9,000 hours of assessment and data-driven instruction. We saw significant student achievement gains overall, with outstanding gains for our Special Ed and LEP students. Much of our success is attributed to the campus-wide use of Brainchild for all our students.”

Gil Rey Madrid
Principal – FSMS


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