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Brainchild helps students “Study Better, Score Higher!” with self-paced instruction on computers and mobile devices.

School principals use us to help their struggling learners. School ratings improve when state test scores increase.

Build Confidence and Create Active Learners
Students learn at their own pace with Brainchild, Self-paced learning builds confidence and self-esteem. Students are transformed into “active learners” as they discover they can learn on their own. A deliberate process with carefully crafted, immediate feedback builds strong problem-solving capabilities for lifelong success.

Award-Winning Performance
Through the years, Brainchild’s software has won numerous people’s choice and industry awards for its ease of use and documented ability to cause higher student achievement.

Brainchild’s Play Lesson – Test – Study – Post Test process accommodates numerous learning styles.

Click here for a white paper on learning styles.


A Tradition of Innovations


1995: CD-ROMs and the PLS-1000, the first mobile learning device.


2005: Online Assessment and Study Buddy.

2005: Online Assessment and Study Buddy.


2012: Formative Assessment on the Web and iPads.iPad_CoreConcepts

2012: Formative Assessment on the Web and iPads.



2014:  2nd generation Study Buddy debuts!