TITLE I, Part A: Improving Academic Achievement of the Disadvantaged

Brainchild provides programs that help schools meet the goals of Title I by:

  • Providing Expanded Learning programs with the Study Buddy electronic tutor.
  • Promoting parental involvement.
  • Promoting mastery of academic standards for all students through lessons and assessments built from
    state standards.
  • Increasing accountability of students and schools by providing continuous progress monitoring in real-time reports that show needs and progress of students, classes, and schools for mastery of state standards.
  • Providing guidance and opportunities for individualized instruction in reported areas of weakness.

Approved programs through Title I need to provide additional academic support and opportunities to learn for all children. Funds may be used for:

  • Schoolwide improvement
  • Targeted assistance
  • Parental involvement
  • Before and after-school programs
  • Summer programs

Schools must focus Title I services on children who are failing, or most at risk of failing, to meet state academic standards. LEAs also must use Title I funds to provide academic enrichment services to eligible children enrolled in private schools.

“We use Brainchild with both at-risk students and accelerated learners. It’s an engaging, effective learning tool. After piloting the Brainchild, we decided to place sets at each of the elementary schools. Children use them for individual activities and cooperative learning. Brainchild is novel approach for what to do with Johnny when it is not his turn on the computer, or when he finishes an assignment early.”

Shirley Shaver

Title I and Testing Director, Liberty County Schools, Hinesville, Ga.