TITLE III: Language Instruction for Limited English Proficient Children and Immigrant Students

Title III (ELL) programs are designed to ensure children who are limited English proficient, including immigrant children, meet the same challenging academic content standards all other children are expected to meet.

Brainchild provides programs that help schools meet the goals of Title III by:

  • Providing schools with technology and tools to underserved populations, including disadvantaged, illiterate, limited English proficient populations, and individuals with disabilities in mastering state standards.
  • Providing standards-based, academic content instruction and assessment programs for all children.
  • Measuring a school or district’s progress in meeting their AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress) goals.
  • Allowing students to work the program at their own pace.
  • Providing built-in remediation and building blocks for struggling students.

“As part of a Title III bilingual program initiative we have implemented the Brainchild Study Buddy program successfully in over 30 Miami-Dade Public Schools as a resource for students learning English as a second language. The format makes it fun to learn concepts that would normally not be so appealing to them. The support we have received from Brainchild makes it very easy to incorporate into the curriculum. Students look forward to using the program and taking ownership of their learning.”

Diane Zapata

District Supervisor for Instructional Support