Title VII: Native American


Title VII funding is designed to support programs in schools and districts to meet the unique educational and cultural needs of Alaska Native and American Indian students. These programs must help these children meet the same challenging state standards as all other students. Programs that qualify for Title VII funding may include early childhood and enrichment programs.

Brainchild provides programs that help schools meet the goals of Title VII by:

  • Providing standards mastery instruction and assessment programs for all children.
  • Providing opportunities for individualized instruction.
  • Extending learning beyond the classroom with self-paced learning activities.

“The Brainchild Study Buddies were a good fit. Most of our students do not have Internet or computers at home. Every morning, I would have students or parents lined up at my office door ready to check in or check out a Study Buddy.”

Carol Thompson, Reading Coach

Pine Hill Schools in Pine Hill, NM