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Using Ipads for Progress Monitoring of Common Core Instruction

We have a pilot with 30 IPads. The first thing we did was to establish our educational goals, and pick the proper software to measure progress towards those goals. The students use the iPads at school and at home with assignments.  The software is the Core Concepts series from Brainchild, built from the Common Core State Standards.

Core Concepts is used on the web and on the Core Concepts app installed on the iPads. The offline hours of usage and scores sync to the online version when the ipads have wifi. We have student and classroom reports in real time.

I require all my English students to complete all sections with an 80% or better.

Under “Settings,” the “Guided Access” feature of the iPads can be used if we want the students to use Core Concepts only.

I would advise schools to start with a couple of classes. Use iPads as an educational tool.  Our first implementation’s goal is to reinforce Common Core standards and to expose students to the complete profile of the standard while augmenting other learning. For example, they will understand the concept of Point of View in what they read.

The best part of the program is the immediate feedback and the visual representation of their work.  When they complete a test they can go back and immediately review their mistakes.  I also use Brainchild to accelerate learning and move students forward when they complete a grade level.

For parental involvement, we use iPads with the Common Core software to take the mystique out of technology. They can see and understand what the students are learning, and the progress they are making.

After using Brainchild software for 3 years I can say that it has helped me with the implementation of technology.  I show teachers the Language, Math, and Science software so they can understand why they might want to use the technology.

Darryl Bryant

Menaul School

Albuquerque, NM

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